Memory Hill Cemetery
This web site allows you to search for a grave based on the person’s name or take a walking tour of the cemetery. The walking tour will introduce you to 47 of the more than 7700 people interred in what was once Milledgeville’s “square for public use” established in 1804. As you take this tour, you will be introduced to the famous and the not so famous in our history. Each person on the tour is marked with a white numbered sign. Be sure to watch for these as you take the tour.

Your location on the map is indicated by a blue dot. The next person on the tour or your searched-for grave is indicated with a red balloon icon. Pan in or out to see both your position and the red balloon icon. As you walk toward a grave, the blue dot should move closer to the next person on the tour or to your searched-for grave.

Having trouble with the map's orientation?
Try the basic tour or 'Basic Go To Grave' button after finding your grave of interest. The 'basic tour' or 'Basic Go To Grave' for non-gyroscope phones keeps north at the top of your screen. (Franklin Street and the gazebo are at the north end of the cemetery.) Otherwise, if your phone has a gyroscope, the map will show the direction you are heading at the top of your screen.

Note also that each person is located in a side (East or West) and section (A,B,C, etc.). Granite posts around the cemetery indicate side and section numbers which will help orient you.